• Wide Stance Air Squat

    25 reps

    Toes turned out.

    Pendulum Lunge

    15 reps

    Each leg

    Standing Straddle Stretch

    30 sec

    Bend knees to modify.

    Wide Stance Air Squat with Calf Raise

    25 reps

    Core strong; engage glutes.

    Split Squat Pulse

    20 reps

    Each leg. Low pulses

    Standing Hamstring to Deep Squat Stretch

    5 reps

    Slowly to feel stretch.

    Quadruped Glute Raise

    25 reps

    Each leg.

    Pigeon Stretch

    60 sec

    Each side

    Sprinter's Stretch

    60 sec

    Each side. Breathe.

    Seated Single Leg Straddle Stretch

    60 sec

    Each side. Breathe.


    Modify movements and stretches as needed. Add multiple sets of strength exercises for added challenge. Breathe.